Ichiko Sakura

桜市子, Chichiko,Michiko

Age: 16
April 16th
Blood type: B
Height: 164cm
Weight: 48 kg
BWH: 96-60-85
Likes: Sweet things, being praised, being envied
Hates: Momiji, bitter things
Special skills: Playing innocent, martial arts

A high school girl who has the power to absorb Happiness energy that gives her beauty, brains and health. She is lonely, because of her self-centered ego, and never had to have work hard for herself.

In episodes 5 & 6, Ichiko unknowingly opened up an aging box set up by Momiji that turned her into a child. To escape Momiji's clutches, she temporarily becomes Michiko so that she can seek refuge in Keita's house, all the while hiding her true identity as Ichiko. It is at this time that her typically selfish and self-centered personality is humbled by the sincere love Keita and his family show for each other, despite poverty-stricken conditions. It is the first time Ichiko has ever acknowledged pure kindness, and so she becomes motivated to use her remaining time as Michiko to exercise kindness herself.

Despite of her strong denials, she is starting to develop feelings for Keita and his siblings, she also envies them for being happy despite of having little in life. (Source: Wikipedia, ANN Forums)