Akira Sendou

Name: Akira Sendou A.k.a.: The Genius Ryonans Ace Player Age: 16 17 Birthday: Probably February 14th Highschool: Ryonan Highschool Junior High: Kitazawagakuen Jr in Tokyo source: anime slam dunk dot com Grade: 2nd Height: 190 cm 63 Weight: 79 kg 174 lbs. Position: point guard PG amp small forward SF Jersey no.: 7 Shoe Brand: Converse Voice actor: Yoshitada Ohtsuka Family and background: We dont know much about Sendous family. Somehow we believe that hes only child in a nice warm family. Despite his friendly character he seems to be a loner. He could be friends with anybody though everyone seems to like him so much. Soon after he joined the Ryonan highschool team he became the ace player because of his incredible talent and abilities. Special abilities: Sendou is one the most talented players around in Slam Dunk. Hes a good shooter nice rebounder and also a strategist of the game. Hes able to play fancy offense but also great defense to stop outstanding forwards such as Rukawa. Despite his height hes a very speedy and flexible player. He aint the Genius for nothing. Sakuragi likes to call himself the Genius but Sendou is called the true Genius by others. In his first year of highschool he was a small forward and literally a scoring machine similarity with Rukawa but in his second year he figured the fun of passing the ball and upgraded the whole team. His sight on the game is outstanding and his senses are very high thanks to these facts he became the excellent point guard of the team which is quite exceptional for such a tall player. But he does his job very well and is without a doubt the ace player of Ryonan. Along with Fukuda and Uozumi they form the strongest offense of Kanagawa. Not only is he the ace player hes also the mental support of the team when things are going wrong the team members keep having faith in their star player. Sendou is that kinda player that can bring up the best qualities of others. Hes a very reliable player: when the team is behind hell show his scoring ability again without losing the focus on the game. He knows what the best is for his team. Its often said that Sendou is the true captain of Ryonan instead of Uozumi because he has the ability to calm down the team and also fire up and unify the team. When Uozumi retires from the game Sendou becomes the new captain. Although Ryonan lost their game vs Shohoku and also their opportunity to play in the IH competition Sendou was chosen one of the five best players of Kanagawa of course. The other four were Maki Akagi Jin and Rukawa of course. Special features: His spiky hair and ever disarming smile. Personality: Sendou is in contrary to most of the Slam Dunk characters a very nice and warm person. He always smiles and is friendly and modest although he surely knows that he is a more than marvelous player. He never loses his temper and shows respect to strong players but definitely wont give away any game Hes a fighter for victory no matter what. The only problem he might have is his lack of focus when he meets an opponent thats not very strong. His concentration is optimal when hes playing rivals such as Rukawa and Maki such guys bring up the best in him. Although they are rivals I believe that Rukawa and Maki truly have respect for this genius. And Sendou is that kinda person you cant resist you just have to respect this guy. But it happens that Sendou is not really caring about being in time... He was late at the practice game vs Shohoku but his honesty Sorry coach I overslept. was so disarming that Ryonans coach simply couldnt get angry at him... He was also late on the training right after the district games. Sendous biggest hobby besides of basketball of course is fishing. He is always alone. I think the fishing part is to relax from the tension I mean the whole team is laying in his hands: hes the player the team leans on. Everyone needs a time to relax Rukawa sleeps and Sendou fishes. I will never understand geniuses...