Cain McDonnell

Kain McDonnell

He is the leader of the Super Five Field Guardians. At first, he pretends to be a good guy to Yamato, but it was later learned that this was a trick in order to destroy Cobalt Blade. Cain later joined the Neo Shadow Alliance with Joshua. In the final battle against the Neo Shadow Alliance Cain, he was defeated by Grey. His B-Daman is Knight Cavalry which later detroyed and replaced with Black Knight, and then again replaced with Lord Cavalry.His horrific past being raised up by his father might be the main reason why he turned evil. Though we do not hear much of his mother, it is implied that she has died, furthering Cain's emotional downfall and scarring he continues to carry. He uses his dashingly, romantic, good looks to be a player amongst all girls. Appearance-wise, Cain is first seen wearing a long sleeved jacket cut off near his chest, with blue designs &amp; a collar brought up all the way to his lips, dark-blue shoulder pads with round bumps embroidered around, a set of dark black leather pants with a red-tinged B'Daman holster wrapped around his waist and sits below his left hip. It is encrusted with big, round, metal beads, and stout red white and gold-painted boots. He has dark, two-toned hair, with a large, red, spiked mane extending diagonally outward, and exceptionally long, blond-colored bangs that meet past his mouth & curve downward to his chin. After successfully destroying Yamato's beloved B'daman, Cobalt Blade, Cain shows his evil shades and vows to destroy him and his friends the next time they meet. As such, Cain changes his attire to wearing the full body suit, still sporting the red holster but this time it is a darker color. The over coat color has changed color from white and blue to black and navy with a changed insignia on the shoulder pads and neck plate of a Cross, with a full-length black cape. He also now wears a large encrusted chest and shoulder plate colored black and yellow studded with red diamonds. His shoes are now colored yellow, red, black and grey. Cain later joined the Neo Shadow Alliance with Joshua after Yamato's defeat. As hinted, Yamato and his friends ran into Cain again, however it was Grey who chose to fight him. Resulting in the loss of <i> his </i> b'daman, Chrome Zephyr, all seemed lost until Master Armada brought Grey a newer B'daman, Chrome Raven. In the final battle against the Neo Shadow Alliance Cain, he was successfully defeated by Grey. At the end of the season, Cain and Joshua are seen witnessing the snowfall of B'daman souls on a cliff.