Yuuji Sagara


Yuuji Sagara, nicknamed Yuu-chan by Toono, is on their high school student council. He is a hard worker, smart, and strict, but under all that, he really cares about his family and friends.

Like when his mother got sick and needed to be hospitalized, Yuuji got a part time job to help cover the expenses. He didn't want his mother to get out of the hospital too soon just because she wasnted to work. And he visited her every day she was there.

In romantic situations, Yuuji's in-control exterior crumbles and he becomes shy and insecure. He was childhood friends with Toono before he moved. Yuuji was one of the first people to see past Toono's blank face and understand his emotions. He tried to steal Toono away from Tamiya without success. Tamiya and Yuuji still do not get along very well. Yuuji doesn't hate Toono for turning him down. Yuuji is very harsh towards President Kagami because of guy's laid back attitude, but he actually respects him because he does get the job done.

In later chapters, President Kagami falls in love with him. Yuuji is very confused by the whole ordeal.