Aoto Sorano

青砥空乃, Sora
Sorano is a new fifteenyearold freshman student in class 1C at an all boys school called Touichikou High. He is very tall for his age and is very slim. Just like Harasen he too was subject to unrequited love. Fujino in his middle schools baseball club rejected his feelings which Sorano still has trouble getting over. Despite being underage and reprimanded by his teacher Hara to stop going he still makes frequent trips to Nichme A famous gay spot in the Shinjuku district of Japan and eventually befriends Koma an old friend of Haras who once had a one night stand with him years before. Sorano and Hibiki get chosen as models for Komas fashion magazine and the two then meet. As the story progresses Sorano grows more concerned about Harasen and eventually begins to fall in love with him.