Sakuya Ookouchi

He is the moodiest band member. He joins the group after he is 039discovered039 singing and playing the piano in a hotel lounge by Atsuro. The moment the band members hear his voice they KNOW he is the only person who can be their vocalist. Sakuya is the driving force of Lambdaucifer. He has an incredible presence and all the girls love him. He is passionate about the band and works hard to make it a success. The moment he sees Ainechan he exhibits his very domineering personality. He knows what he wants and goes after it. He knew right away that he wanted Ainechan and she was no match for his strong personality. He can be moody and is very possessive of Ainechan. He will not have her seeing other guys. When she IS around other guys he can get very jealous. He loves her very much and always worries about her and wants to be sure she is safe. Sakuya wants Aine to be with him always. Despite the obvious affection he feels for Aine he can be pretty intimidating. Sakuya has naturally blue eyes that startle people when they first meet him. Most people think they are blue contact lenses