Shinobu Morita

Age: 24 years old Specialty: Sculptures Likes: Initially unknown Height: 175 cm 58.5 Weight: 62 kg 136.4 lbs 24 years old and a 6th year student in the beginning of the series Morita occupies room 203 his floormates being Takemoto and Hasegawa. Morita is unable to graduate as he can never wake up on time to go to classes. This is mainly due to the work that he does which forces him to go missing for periods of time. What he does for work though remains a mystery. When Morita comes back from his mysterious job he immediately falls asleep for at least 48 hours due to the amount of work he does. He also returns with a large sum of money in his backpocket and brings a food item to share with his flat mates. Although the flat mates believe he does it to mock them such as when he brings a bag of croquettes instead of meat Morita does care deeply for his friends such as Takemoto. Morita is a very mysterious person. He does many random crazy things for his personal enjoyment such as creating a twister game with too many colors which resulted in horrific pain for him and Takemoto. Morita is a perceptive individual but tactless and often states the truth such as how Mayama secretly stalks Rika outside her apartment when nobody wants to hear it. He also expresses his love for Hagu in weird and quirky ways such as forcing Hagu to dress up as a mouse. Moritas obsession with Hagu stems from a fondness of cute things during his childhood such as causing a cat to become neurotic after cuddling it too much.