John Elwood Shepherd

Date of Birth: September 10 Age: 13 Height: 151 cm Weight: 38 kg A 13yearold pickpocket who fights with knives. His family used to own a shop until it was destroyed. Then he joined a group of bandits known as quotGrey Antsquot for money to fix the heart of his sister Sheryl Ann. He left the bandits when the bandits039 leader Kinqro Mujata killed her. He wants to use the Zombie Powder to resurrect his sister. He is usually referred to as quotElwoodquot. He is abandoned by Smith and Gamma at the end of the fourth volume. It is stated by C.T. Smith that Elwood is similar to a young Gamma. Gamma states that it is up to Elwood himself if he will get the Zombie Powder or not as they abandon him. Wikipedia