Yumi Hayakawa

A new student of Matabi Academy that chose to attend the school because she knew she would be allowed to bring her cat Kansuke. She loves knitting and often makes outfits for Kansuke. Though clumsy and slightly silly Yumi is also very kind and friendly. Four years ago she dove onto the road to protect an injured Kansuke from an oncoming van. Her power manifests itself as a ball of wool mirroring her passion for knitting which can be used to transform Kansuke into his human form. The wool can also be reshaped into a number of other objects depending on the circumstance such as a shield or a cushion. One drawback to her power is that it takes time to unravel and isnt as strong when used in rapid succession. Yumi has a romantic interest in Tsubame which developed on her first day attending the academy. Source: Wikipedia