Yuuta Sasaki

佐々木 優太

Age: 15 Birthdate: December 23 Sign: Capricorn Height: 152 cm A cross-dressing young boy who serves as Inaba's secretary. He hates Ogino to the point of wanting to kill him. Yuuta pretends to be the stereotypical cute anime girl. However to everyone that he dislikes or views as an enemy, for time with Hiroshi, he shows his sadistic side. This is especially true as he wants to kill Kuniharu Ogino, Hiroshi's past partner. This is due to Yuuta jealousy of Ogino and Hiroshi's relationship of mutual trust. He is only affectionate and shows protectiveness over Hiroshi but Hiroshi does not realize this or may just be choosing to ignore it, as Hiroshi treats Yūta as his little sister. He later shows protectiveness over Noah. Yuuta and Noah instantly bonded over their similar personalities and mutual desire to kill Ogino. Despite technically being enemies,Yuuta and Noah remain to be enthusiastic in each other's company and are shown to text frequently. Yuuta is proficient in martial arts. It is implied that Yuuta has a crush on Hiroshi and later Noah. (Source: Wikipedia)