デント, Cilan
Dent is one of the three gym leaders of Striaton City. He is the brother of Pod and Corn his fellow gym leaders. He is recognized as an Arank Pokemon Sommelier a person who has the ability to check the compatibility and closeness between a trainer and his/her Pokemon. After being defeated by Ash in a gym battle he decided to join Ash through his journey in the Unova Region. He is the groups navigator and cook. Dent has a love for playing detective and trains. He enjoys solving mysteries with scientific explanations and he is a huge fan of Nimbasa Citys subway system. He dislikes the Pokemon Purrloin saying he had a bad experience with one in the past but refuses to talk about it. Dents vintage Pokemon is his Pansage. He has also acquired a Dwebble which has evolved into a Crustle and a Stunfisk while traveling.