Enzan Ijuuin

伊集院炎山, Chaud Blaze
Enzan is your classic type of Im the best there is now prove to me that your worthy to fight me kind of character. Enzan is the creator and operator of the net navi Blues otherwise known as Protoman. Both of them are very skilled and powerful fighters Enzan alone is nicknamed the prodigy netbattler with hundreds of undefeated matches. Enzan takes on in interest in Netto and Rockman early on in the series after he hears rumors about the incredible blue navi thats been solving crimes on the net. However he believes that Netto isnt all that he has cracked up to be as Blues ends up saving Rockman from deletion more than once. As the series progresses further we see Enzan opening up to Netto and his friends more and more. Eventually we even get to see this boy start to smile on a daily basis or almost. Still Enzan never loses his series attitude and hes always the first to think things through properly. He balances the rash Netto out quite well when theyre in battle together. It is learned towards the end of Axess that