Sugata Shindou


A young rich man who is arranged to be married to Wako. He is the master of his family martial arts. He is cool and intellectual, and seems to keep his sadness to himself. He's the candidate to inherit the power of King Cybody.

As a candidate to inherit the power of King Cybody, he's not allowed to leave the island. He hates his own birthday because at his past birthday, his father told him about his destiny to be bound with King Cybody power. He is resentful of his fate. His first phase power, the King's Pillar is so powerful that he ended up in a coma after using that power to save Wako & the others. He eventually wakes up from coma in Episode 7 but unfortunately Scarlett Kiss has used her charming kiss power to manipulate him. However, Sugata managed to break from Scarlett Kiss control & using her Peshent to test Takuto whether he is worthy enough to protect Wako. After the fight, both of them seems came in understanding & Sugata ready to trains Takuto to be prepared for battle. Recently, Sugata seems interested in Head's painting & often visiting him to know the progress of the painting, while Head take this chance to get closer to him.