Benio Shinada

Scarlett Kiss

RA for Takuto's dorm and a second year student of Southern Cross High School. She is short & cute but gets easily upset when someone mentions her using lipstick or doing push-ups in a swimsuit. She is also captain of the kendo club. Leader of fifth vision of Crux Brigade, Filament. Her first phase ability is to charm any males that she kissed.

She managed to kiss Sugata in episode 7 & intend to use him to achieve her own goal. However, her plan is backfired when Sugata breaks from her control from his own will & using her cybody Peshent to test Takuto if he's worthy enough to protect Wako. Later, it was revealed that Benio,George&Tetsuya were part of families that once have marks but they no longer posses marks because their bloodline is getting thinner. She has crush on Sugata from childhood & she believed that Sugata can change their fate because he possessing the strongest cybody, Samekh.