Risa Rollins

リサ・ロリンズ, Joker, Double Rs
Rios mother a legendary casino dealer known as the Double Rs. Risa taught Rio and Rina her dealing techniques during their childhoods and was the previous MVCD having collected all 13 Gates. She disappeared from public eyes and disguised herself as Joker a masked Gate Holder holding the 2 Gate to hide herself from the Casino Guild and to protect Rio and later challenges Rio to a Gate Battle to see if she is worthy of challenging Rina again. It is revealed by Rina that she allegedly had an affair with her father which resulted in Rinas mother falling into a coma. Like Rio and Rina she too has Roll Ruler abilities and has the most powerful Roll Ruler in the series so far being able to create an illusion of the Howard Resort both inside and out when Dana and Rio were trapped in it.