Emily Sevensheep

エミリィ・セブンシープ, Class Rep.
Emily Sevensheep is a beastgirl who attends the magical academy in the citystate of Ariadne and is training to be a mage knight. She is among the most accomplished of the cadets and is also the class president of Class 3C. Her personality is similar to that of Ayaka Yukihiro and she looks down on those whom she considers as dunces or peasants. Like many others she is an absolute fan of Nagi Springfield her fanclub member number is 78 and she believes that the older form of Negi is actually Nagi reincarnated. Her mother is shown to be a huge fan of Nagi as well. Emily has developed a rivalry with Ayase Yue who became a fellow cadet after losing her memory. Initially looking down on her as a dunce Emily has since recognised Yue as a competent magic user onpar or better than herself after seeing Yues ability in coordinating both of them Beatrix and Collet while taking down a griffindragon. During the attack on the Royal Palace at New Ostia Emily was erased by the Code of the Lifemaker while defending her comrades disappearing into nothingness before Yues eyes. It appears she is dead however according to Nodoka Miyazaki she has only been sent to Cosmo Entelechaia and may be brought back into existence by the Great Grandmaster Key of which little is yet known.