Chocolat Meilleure

メイユール ショコラ, Chocolat Kato
Chocolat is an outgoing and daring girl with a forceful personality and the shows main protagonist. Chocolat is an extrovert. She is best friends with Vanilla and the daughter of the late witch Cinnamon. Duke is her familiar. Chocolat has long straight orange hair large emerald green and impish eyes and pointed ears. She is not as popular as Vanilla since her outrageous temper makes most boys scared of her. In the Magical World she lives with her grandfather Corne a powerful wizard who like Chocolat has a certain dislike for Blanca and has a bad temper. As the series progresses she begins to fall in love with Pierre although it is forbidden for witches to allow their hearts be stolen by humans. Her birthday is August 13. In French the name translates to Better Best Chocolate.