Ryouhei Ogawara

One of the members of quotAngelquot and a former Jinki pilot. He is the only son of Ogawara Genta and is rash and shorttempered. His loyalty to his family and friends however is second to none. When Genta was slain by Kokushou Ryouhei vowed to avenge his father and as seen in the J:E arcs he would be traveling around searching for a quotKatana userquot. During J:E he would replace Genta as the leader of quotAngelquot. During the Lost Years arc Ryouhei would pilot the Moribito Type0 in search of his father039s slayer. In the manga he and Aoba Tsuzaki are childhood friends from many years earlier while in the anime they apparently are not. It is also notable that while in the anime Ryouhei seemed to play only a support role in the manga he plays a much larger role in the story. Source: Wikipedia