Kiri Haimura

灰村 切, Crime Edge of Cutting and Severing

Kiri Haimura is a middle school boy who possesses a "Killing Good" inherited from his ancestor, which is a pair of scissors that are extremely sharp, and are the only things that can cut Iwai's hair. His ancestor was a murderer, who would bring people into his basement, and then cut them up with a pair of scissors. He has a hair cutting fetish, which goes hand in hand with Iwai's predicament. He holds Iwai dear, and will do anything to protect her.

Once Kiri sees his author in his dreams (in his case, it is Grayland), he gets the ability called 'Pain Augmentation' which means that he takes a pleasure in inflicting deep wounds. The first time he fights with his ability is vs Emily, which leaves her in a total mess.