Haruka Suzushiro

珠洲城 遥
A member of the student council. Haruka is rather hotheaded and loudmouthed but firmly believes in what is right and does what she can for the betterment of the school. She is extremely jealous of Fujino Shizuru and constantly tries to overshadow her or prove that she is an incompetent leader this usually backfires. An ongoing gag is that Haruka uses words and phrases incorrectly all the time Yukino constantly has to correct her. She and Yukino have been friends for a long time and Yukino greatly admires and looks up to Haruka who acts like her protector. Haruka has no idea that Yukino is one of the HiME. However when she and Yukino catch Shizuru trying to kiss a sleeping Natsuki they confront her and fight. It is revealed that Haruka is Yukino039s most important person thus she begins disappearing when Yukino loses against Shizuru. Not to go out without a fight Haruka uses the last of her energy to headbutt Shizuru thus finally having the upper hand in her onesided rivalry.