Maki Sonomura

園村 麻希

Maki Sonomura known in Revelations: Persona as Mary, is a frail girl who has been sick all of her life. More recently, she has been suffering from dementia which has left her bedridden. She is visited often by the main character and his friends, Masao and Kei. Unable to interact with the outside world, Maki retreats to a fantasy world of her own imagination. Takahisa Kandori uses Maki's psyche as a test subject for his DVA generator, which converts the entire city into a reflection of Maki's unconscious mind. The trauma also fragments Maki into three beings: "Aki", "Ideal Maki", and the malevolent "Pandora". Maki's realm is nearly identical to the real world, save for her being healthy. While visiting Maki in the hospital, the main character and his companions are unwittingly transported to Maki's world, an idyllic reflection of the city which being overrun with demons. When they return to St. Hermelin, they are greeted by Maki, who joins them on their mission. Unbeknown to anyone, this version of Maki is merely an illusion. The real Maki is being kept in Takahisa's laboratory, where her brain is being harnessed to maintain the dream city. Maki's main weapon is a hand bow, which can hit enemies at long range. Her firearm is a handgun suited for close range. Her initial Persona is Matsu. Her ultimate persona is Valzante. In the dream world, Maki wears a gray St. Hermelin uniform and a black tie.