Hidehiko Uesugi

上杉 秀彦, Brown

Hidehiko Uesugi known in Revelations: Persona as Brad, is a brash, cocky youth with fiery red hair. It was his idea to persuade his fellow students to play "Persona", which resulted in the fateful meeting with Philemon. Following the changeover to Maki's dream world, Hidehiko finds himself imprisoned inside the Police Station. The player may opt to recruit Hidehiko or leave him to his own devices. Hidehiko's melee weapon is spear, and uses the same machineguns as the protagonist. His initial Persona is Nemain. Hidehiko does, in fact, wear the school uniform, slightly unbuttoned, with a purple undershirt with a red spade design on it, as proven via his character art, along with bright red boots, which his pants are tucked into.