Maki Himena


One of the geniuses invited to Wet Crow's Feather Island for her ability as an esper and fortune-teller: Maki Himena. As a fortune-teller, she often provides her abilities for politicians and corporate clients. Generally, Maki is seen as cynical towards others at times, primarily Ii. When it comes to Ii, she cannot help but dig into him, as she despises people who push responsibility onto others.

Though she will pick on some for their personalities, Maki isn't inherently bad. She has no trouble with having an enjoyable time with others, such as Shinya Sakaki when the two drink together. When waking up, Maki is not too energetic in the morning due to low blood pressure.

As a fortune-teller and esper genius, Maki is capable of knowing almost everything about nearly any person, whether she wants to or not. Gifted with retrocognition, precognition, and telepathy, it's nearly impossible to keep secrets around Maki, unless being one of the few who she cannot read and disrupts everything. Even if she wanted to, she cannot stop her ability of knowing everything about almost everyone. She describes her ability as being in a room full of televisions that she cannot turn off or change channels.

After the culprits on Wet Crow's Feather Island are revealed, Ii assumes that Maki knew all along who they were and chose not to say a thing, causing Ii to be somewhat disgusted by her.

Near the end of Kubikiri Cycle, Maki states that she can only see her own future for two more years, with it just cutting off afterwards to Ii. She assumes it's her death, and requests that Ii finds out who did it after she passes.