Asou Sayako


Agawa's boss and lover. Notorious for being a workaholic, an elite, and an ice queen among workers. She's quite smart and perceptive as she sees through Agawa's lies most of the times. Also, she's the straightforward type and dislikes the roundabout, wishy-washy way that most Japanese seem to display.

Ironically, behind that iron-clad armor, she's actually quite childish and innocent regarding romance. She also, surprisingly, provides a lot of comedic moments in the manga, either because of the fact that she's playful at heart or because of the misunderstandings caused by Agawa's clumsiness. To note that that she's the S in her S&M relationship with Agawa and prefers to be on top most of the times. The reason she's a workaholic is because she's afraid of getting too emotionally invested with someone and ends up getting hurt in the process. Therefore, she'd rather rely on her plushies collection as a replacement for a lover (How cute!!!). She's finally able to overcome that hurdle thanks to Agawa and able to admit that she loves him from the bottom of her heart. To note that most of her insecurity is due to her being older than Agawa.