Ryo Takaba


Ryo is a wanderer who, with his brother Jiromaru, lives off the land. When he first meets the Seiba Brothers, He quickly becomes their rival, particularly that of Go. Eventually however, he becomes a friend of the Seibas and as well as a member of the TRF Victorys. Cars: Tridagger X (トライダガーX Toraidagā X), Neo-Tridagger ZMC (ネオトライダガーZMC Neo Toraidagā ZMC), Rising Trigger (ライジングトリガー Raijingu Torigā) Birthday: August 27 Blood type: O Height: 140 cm (roughly 4'7") Weight: 37 kg (roughly 82 pounds) Hobby: Fishing * Hometown: Japan (Information from Wikipedia)