Hatsuharu Souma

草摩潑春, Hatsuharu Soma, Black Haru, White Haru, Haru
Blood Type:O
Height: 170.2 cm 5039 7quot Zodiac sign: Cancer Grade/School: Freshman at Kaibara High School Zodiac Animal: Ox The ox of the Zodiac Haru has something of a Yin and Yang personality related to the Oxs personality. He is usually calm placid and otherwise an allaround nice guy but can be goaded into stampeding where hes edgy and mean and slightly oversexed. White Haru is conscious during his black transformation but is unable to do anything about it. He just either apologizes or doesnt care. Additionally Haru has a rather bad sense of direction he had become lost for three days in another town after trying to find Kyo so he could challenge him. He likes to make fun of Kyo passively and wants to fight with him on a regular basis. He is very protective and caring especially towards Yuki Kisa and Rin and is constantly looking out for these characters. Source: Wikipedia Manga: