Ran Matsuyuki


Ran seems to be the "leader" among his friends in their class. His Father is the chairman of certain schools and has had big influence on him. Sick of his dad's influence, he jumped off the roof in middle school. Ever since then, his friends have always been watching out for him. He often appears inconsiderate to other's feelings but he believes he's doing what's in the best interest of others. Ran in general is very spoiled and enjoys being babied but at the same time is scared of building close relationships. Which cause his own relationship with Sawa to become very strained.

When Ran was thirteen, him and his father got into a very heated argument. Ran got so angry that he ran away and his mother went out looking for him. Once his mother found him, Ran tried running away but his mother continued chasing him. With the heavy traffic, Ran almost got hit by a car but his mother intervened and died instantly. Ever since this incident, Ran has been blaming himself for breaking his family apart and believed his dad hated him. However, it is revealed that Ran's father does indeed love him very much. His father just has trouble expressing his feelings because his wife was the always the one to show love towards Ran. With the help of Sawa, Ran and his father are able to confide in each other and create stronger bonds. In the epilogue, it is shown that Sawa and Ran get married. Despite Ran's rebellious attitude when he was in high school, he actually decides to become a teacher. More specifically, a teacher in Heaven Wings High (The school he once attended) because he wanted to go back to the place where he had spent so many fun memories with his friends and his love, Sawa. It is also revealed that Sawa and Ran have a young baby boy named Aoi.