Yuuya Asou

麻生裕也, #2, Second Place
Yuya Asou a young high school student. He tends to be daydreamy and is sometimes aggravated that the love of his life Ran Kotobuki never listens to him. He is hopelessly devoted to Ran whether he be helping fight crime or trying to win her heart he is always there for Ran whether or not she knows it Yuya is constantly being interviewed by quotGalsquot magazine and has won second place in the Super High School Student Grand Prix. This is why he039s commonly referred to as quotSecond Placequot among Ran and her friends. His best friend is Rei Otohata who won first place in the Student Grand Prix. His mind is in the gutter most of the time and because of Ran has been dragged into trouble much more than once. Will our High School hunk ever learn? Source: Absolute Anime