Kureha Mibu

Birthplace: Shinjuku Tokyo Birth date: April 9 Age: 18 Bloodtype: AB A third year student at Kenbukan High Kureha Mibu is an assassin and one of the Twelve Generals of the Martial Fist. He has a strong sense of justice and truly believes that what he is doing is the right thing eliminating criminals that the law cannot touch keeps the wolves at bay and protects innocent people. Kureha can sense a person039s evil intentions which causes him to have conflicted thoughts when he fights Tatsuma Hiyuu feeling no illwill from the Magami boy. Manga: Kureha Mibu does not have as significant role in the original story as he does in the sequel anime. There is no Martial Fist however Kureha is hired as an assassin to kill Tatsuma Hiyuu which he cannot do. He becomes another ally in fighting the Kidoushuu. Adapted from Japan Wikipedia and original video game data