Kiyomi Takada

高田清美, Taki, Miss To-Oh, Miss Todai
Kiyomi first appears in Chapter 31 as Lights classmate and girlfriend. She is a popular girl also known as Miss ToOh English version/Miss Todai Japanese version short for ToOh University or Refined Takada English version/Seiso Takada which means something similar to plays hard to get. Light notes that she is not as shallow as her reputation advertises. She makes a brief appearance by Lights side in Chapter 32 not to reappear in the story until Chapter 85 as an announcer of NHN parody of NHK chosen to be Kiras spokesperson to the world. This is not a decision made by Light but by Mikami who threatens her as Kira and knows her as someone educated intellectual and civilized and who could send out Kiras words accurately in a calm and straightforward manner.