Agon Kongo

Birthday: March 31 Year: 2nd / Gr. 11 Jersey : 02 Position: Unknown 40 Yard Dash: ? Bench Press: ? Agon is the twin brother of Unsui. Instead of training like his brother hes likes it more to take things easy. He is lazy and comes late to matches. Kumabukuro the reporter says that he is a tremendous talent who is only seen once every 100 years. Even the coach wants everybody in the team not to act as his character and tells them that only Agon can act in this manner. This is because Agons natural talent is on a genius level. This has made him arrogant and overconfident in his abilities. Throughout the manga his evil nature comes out. He is shown to have a history with Hiruma and his laidback cool attitude becomes somewhat rattled whenever Deimons quarterback is involved. Agons arrogance in his own natural talents cause him to look down on those he feels are less talented. His reaction time of 0.11 sec is basically the fastest time that is possible for a human being to react.