Tenma Pegasus

The previous incarnation of Pegasus Seiya who is best friends with Aroon since childhood. After escaping with Aroon from Libra Dohko and Aries Shion he finds there039s something wrong with Aroon and vows to protect him but he doesn039t tell his friend why. After realising he has left behind his Pegasus cloth in his escape from the Gold Saints he heads back and equips it and attempts to fight the Gold Saints. He is defeated and later heads back for Aroon but discovers that he has become Hades. He tries to make him remember though Pandora and some specters intervene almost killing him until Dohko and Shion arrives. The two Saints defeat the small specters and starts asking Tenma some questions about who he is and who trained him. He reveals that his master went by the name of Crateris Suikyo which shocks the Gold Saints since they knew him. Though suddenly a specter appears Griffin Vermeer of the Celestial Nobility Star. As Tenma charges towards him Vermeer stops him with just one finger and sends him flying letting Sion and Dohko to deal with the Specter.