Sana Kurata

Age: 11 at the beginning of the series Birthday: March 7 Blood Type: 0 Sana Kurata is an 11yearold child actress in the 6th grade that is the main star of the hit TV show Childs Toy. Sana is a natural born leader who is very curious stubborn and loves to help others out with their problems. Shes always cheerful talkative and full of spunk. Her family is made up of mother Misako Kurata who is a famous author and a man named Rei that she took in and made her manager. At school she becomes enemies with a boy named Akito Hayama who grouped up some of the boys to cause chaos in the classroom. She tries to find ways to beat Akito so that the boys stop interrupting the lessons but that soon fails and they quickly become friends as Sana learns more about Akitos past.