Sakuno Uryuu

Birthday:Jan 23
Blood Type:AB
Birthday: January 23th Height: 162cm B/W/H: 80/54/80 Sakuno is Shingos younger stepsister and firstyear student of Kagamidai Academy her father remarried Shingos mother about ten years ago. She has a quiet personality and is good at cooking but has a poor sense of direction and often gets lost. She was selected as a test student with her brother and transfered to Yuihime Girls Academy to participate in 1T the firstyear test class. She happened to meet Airi at night of September 30 the day before the transferring on October 1. She became close friends with Airi at that time. She often goes shopping to Kume Mart too. She is youngest but tallest among the main female characters. Source: Wikipedia