Eucliwood Hellscythe

ユークリウッド・ヘルサイズ, Eu, Yuu
Height: 155 cm Weight: 46 kg Sizes: 77 58 78 Eucliwood also called Eu or Yuu for short is a necromancer who brought Ayumu back to life to be her guardian and has been living with him since. She wears an armor that suppresses her abilities and doesnt talk because her power can make her every word spoken become reality. Instead she communicates to others by using note pad which usually pertains to her appetite. Although seemingly emotionless and mute it is shown that she cares deeply about her friends and other people even Ayumu though she considers him to be her servant. She does not like the word death taken lightly especially since her powers can instantly take a persons life. Ayumu often daydreams about her speaking in a cutesy manner. She is voiced by a different seiyuu each week in the anime during Ayumus fantasy: Season 1: Main: Midori Tsukimiya Ep 1: Kotono Mitsuishi Ep 2: Mika Kanai Ep 3: Tomoko Kaneda Ep 4: Yuuko Minaguchi Ep 5: Satomi Koorogi Ep 6: Sakura Tange Ep 7: Yuki Matsuoka Ep 8: Noriko Hidaka OVA 1: Fumi Hirano OVA 2: Aya Hisakawa Season 2: Ep 1: Kikuko Inoue Ep 2: Omi Minami Ep 3: Kimiko Koyama Ep 4: Mariko Kouda Ep 5: Etsuko Kozakura Ep 6: Chisa Yokoyama Ep 7: Midori Tsukimiya Ep 8: Shimamoto Sumi Ep 9: Yui Horie Ep 10: Rei Sakuma OVA: Kobayashi Yuu