Reia Hiruda

Hellfire Alchemist,Hildareia
A seemingly innocent and quiet girl who is devoted to Saionji. She found the book that allows herself and Saionji to be brought into End Earth. Though she wants to follow him she does not want to be engulfed in darkness so she develops a dark second personality one that will do all the things that she does not want to. She becomes one of Baelgard039s four guardians the Hellfire Alchemist Hildareia. Her alter ego prefers the darkside and even betrays Saionji by siding with Killrain after he takes over the dark elven army. She often does experiments on many elves turning them into mindless soldiers for Baelgard. Her dark soul blade is called Mythical Beast Sword Mysteltain. Destroying the evil personality039s soul blade is the only way to bring back the original Reia Hiruda. The good personality contains Saionji039s Holy Grail Saionji039s Ultimate Soul Blade which was instrumental in defeating Er Fahren. She decides to stay in End Earth together with Saionji Xecty and JinCrow in Baelgard to restore the forest back to its former glory.