Atlas in his primary role is Astro Boys younger brother created by Dr. Tenma the same scientist who created Astro. Although the origin stories of both Astro Boy and of Atlas vary generally speaking Atlas is created by Dr. Tenma after his disappointment in Astro. Atlas is as powerful if not more powerful than Astro with the same superbrain technology capable of thinking like a human. Yet he does not have to obey the robot laws which make Astro unable to reject and rebel against humanity. Free from Astros restrictions Atlas comes to the conclusion that robots and humans can never coexist peacefully together without robots being oppressed and exploited so attempts to lead a robot revolution and found a robot nation. In the animated Metropolis 2001 movie Atlas appears as a human revolutionary leader leading a revolution for the rights of human workers displaced by robots. While this is a deliberate reversal of this original story it is also a striking example of how Tezukas Star System explores characters who tend to fall into the same types of lives regardless of the circumstances they encounter. Although unconfirmed it is believed that Atlas also appears in Black Jack 197383 Chapters Your Mistake 1976 and Black Jack in Hospital 1977 as an irresponsible young doctor who is quick to pawn his mistakes off on others. One of the reasons for this is that his father the hospital director is played by Dr. Tenma. Source: Tezuka In English