Maria Takayama

Birthday:Mar 23
Height: 146 cm 49 Maria Takayama is a supporting character from the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai series. Maria is the supervising teacher and moderator of the Neighbors Club and is a nun. While being exceptionally gifted in academics she can also be very rude and immature when annoyed. She refers to others as Rotten mandarin. She develops a siblinglike relationship with Kodaka who regularly makes her packed lunches and is affectionate with him also stating that she wouldnt mind marrying him when she gets older much to Kobatos annoyance. She is also gullible which Yozora uses to her advantage. The reason why Maria cannot make friends is that she is an immature child prodigy whose wisdom stems not as much from natural talent as from advanced education. Maria is childish and displays this tendency numerous times even when claiming that shes an adult. While she may not realize this herself Maria really wants to befriend Kobato to the point that she felt jealous about how popular Kobato really is with her classmates. According to Kate before becoming the Neighbors Clubs advisor Maria was quite pessimistic. She feels a lot more comfortable in class than out of class. She says that shes real cocky with her grades and as such has trouble making friends. Her ability to make friends has apparently gotten worse since she started skipping grades.