Renzou Shima

志摩廉造, Erotic Demon
Birthday:Jul 4
Blood Type:O
Height: 176 cm Renzou is a very carefree character yet he has a fear of many things mainly bugs. Hes very loyal to Bon his childhood friend. They grew up together along with Konekomaru in Kyoto. He is also has a big obsession with women. Plans to become a Meister in Aria He is the 5th and youngest son of his family and tells Konekomaru hes glad of this because it means he has less responsibilities. His older brother Juuzou says hes the pervert out of the brothers. He has pink dyed hair. It is naturally black. In the manga Renzou wears a mantailored flannel sort of shirt over a tshirt with a symbol sort of like a bullseye. Renzou also carries around Krik Khakkhara staff which he and his two brothers also have. Renzou is a carefree character and was the first person to actually befriend Rin since the revealing of the blue flames which shows Renzou is the friendlytype. He is also afraid of bugs yet he is known as the pervert out of the Shima brothers. Renzou was born into the temple that Bon and Konekumaru was in as well making him the childhood friend of the two.