Hervé Girardot

エルヴェ・ジラルド, Herve
A mysterious young man who lured the girls to the mansion in which they were killed. Herveacute witnessed his mother being killed after she fell victim to the family039s curse and transformed in a monster. Subsequent to this his goal has been to help his sister and cousin the last two female members of his family avoid a similar fate. Unfortunately they too manifest similar symptoms much to his despair. Herveacute is somewhat estranged from the rest of his clan as he doesn039t agree with their use of resources where Lise is concerned. He feels the efforts to find a cure for their curse would be better spent on helping his sister and cousin. Lise039s presence within the clan further aggravates Herveacute already seething hatred for the Animus whom he blames for his family039s tragic fate.