Rana Linchen

ラナリンチェン, Country Girl
Blood Type:O
Height: 164cm Weight: 50kg B/W/H: 81/56/83 Age: Above 17 Undisclosed yet Nationality: Tibet China Volt Weapons: Shigen A set of fist and kick gears Hobby: Building plastic models Especially Gunam Favorite Food: Pasta Weakness: Sensitive when touched Nothing. She was enrolled into West Genetics as a second grade student. She is simple honest and has a righteous character. She wants Kazuya Aoi as her soulmate Limiter because her Tears of Kunlun Stigmas reacted when he activates his freezing abilities. The other students some of whom she was able to meet find it hard to understand the terms she uses such as for: Limiter Stigmas and the term Kunlun.