Chiffon Fairchild

シフォン=フェアチャイルド, The Unmatched Smiling Monster
Height: 166cm Weight: 54kg B/W/H: 82/56/83 Age: 17 Blood: AB Nationality: Canadian Volt Weapon: A single gauntlet with claws Hobby: Knitting Taking a nap She loves to sleep cuz she heard that it is good for skin Favorite Food: Chiffon Cake Weakness: Sensitive to being touched around her collarbone Name of Limiter: Eugene A third year student and the current rank no.1 Pandora of the West Genetics Academy. She is also the student council president who escorted Kazuya on the day he transfers to the academy. Although having a somewhat friendly and laidback personality shes very strict about upholding the school rules such as unofficial battle among Pandoras are forbidden. She appears to be afraid of Satellizer like all the other students in the academy and warns Kazuya not to get near her. But in fact Chiffon is quite the monster herself being one of the most powerful Pandoras in the series. She is most likely stronger than even Satellizer as she playfully joked about it to Kazuya. The extent of her abilities as a Pandora are yet to be fully revealed however it has been mentioned that although she has 4 regular stigmas and no inherited ones she possesses a unique ability she devised herself called the illusion turn and is able to take down 3rd year rank no.4 Arnett McMillian with a single strike. Further proof of her abilities is how she was able to defeat Milena Marius a fourth year Chevalier from East Genetics seemingly without getting a single scratch albeit with the help of Ticy Phenyl. She was ranked 1st among all West Genetics thirdyear students as well as being one of the worlds five topranking Pandora ranking at 1