Chiaki Takahashi

高橋 千秋, Captain

Birthday: September 23 Gender: Female Blood Type: A Height: 160 cm. Weight: 48 kg. Hair: Dark Brown School: Kaimei High School Likes: Passionate people, sports in general Dislikes: Boiled eggs (煮玉子) Affiliation: Softball Team (captain) Himeko's first friend in Kaimei High School.

In episode 37 of the anime she played a crucial role in Himeko's change of heart towards life. It's also implied that she knew Bossun before Himeko and Switch.

Her nickname is Captain (キャプテン) because she is also the captain of Kaimei High School girls' softball team. Manga Debut: Chapter 5 Anime Debut: Episode 3 (Source: Wikipedia)