Orpherus Fürst von Marmelade Nahe Görz

Date of Birth: December 14 17 years old Blood Type: AB Height: 182 cm Weight: 64 kg Club Activities: Art Club Likes: Drawing Dislikes: Waterside Orpherus is nicknamed quotOrphequot by most of the people around him. He039s title Fuumlrst is the highest of all characters and means a prince but neither the anime nor the manga shows that he is really royalty and that039s because when it comes to royal and noble ranks in Germany the highest is Emperor Kaiser. Despite all that little is known about his house or his parents. All that is known is that they have a butler and that Orphe had a sister named Robertine who died when he was 15. Orphe was devastated after her death and has the habit of caressing the pendant Robertine039s fianceacute gave her and which Orphe took from the rubble of the explosion site. He blames himself for not accompanying her to buy the wedding dress despite the fact that she insisted on going alone. Orphe is a very idealistic person. Isaac reprimands him on this saying that he039s unconnected to today039s society and that words alone would not stifle the sparks of war. According to his way of thinking it can be said that he039s also a idealist. He likes politics and holds women in higher regards then most of the men in his time. He039s prone to winning and strives to excel in everything he does. He decided to become a Strahl candidate after meeting the king as a boy. Source: Wikipedia and Meine Liebe Manga