Ludwig Herzog von Mohn Nahe Liechtenstein

Date of Birth: November 12 17 years old Blood Type: A Height: 185 cm Weight: 63 kg Club Activities: Science Club Likes: Reading Dislikes: A Certain Rival Ludwig is often nicknamed as quotLuiquot by the people around him though most still refer to him as Ludwig because they are afraid of him and respect him. His title Herzog is the second highest title among the nobles and means Duke. His father is a Duke as well but his mother is the king039s sister making the king of Kuchen his uncle. His other uncle on his mother039s side is the king039s rebellious younger brother Helbert. His uncle on his father039s side is Camus039 father making the two of them cousins. It is known that he has two housekeepers Augusta and Clemence a younger sister and a younger brother. Also he is lefthanded. Lui appears coldhearted most of the time. He is very arrogant and yet he knows what is expected of him by his rank and position in the world of those times and accepts it with cold indifference. He often leaves his friend shocked at his words when he voices his thoughts. However Lui is a good judge of character and seems to know what to say to help the people he is fond of solve problems on their own. He likes challenges as long as they are fair towards both ends. Lui claims he is not like the others insinuating that he is cold hearted and calculated and compares himself to Orphe by saying that he can not grasp an opportunity and fight for it like Orphe does. Isaac reprimands Lui for his way of thinking claiming that it was too dangerous. Source: Wikipedia and Meine Liebe Manga