Genjuro Kibagami

牙神 幻十郎
Story He claims to have killed his family and at least a thousand other people. His mother was a prostitute and due to her profession he knows nothing about his father. Even so he made a silent oath to look after his mother until his father came home. When he was fifteen Genjuro killed a man who stayed in their home due to his mothers pleas for protection from her clients drunken rage. While he turned to leave his home for good she attacked Genjuro while cursing his existence and left the scar on his back. He killed her in retaliation. Orphaned Nicotine Caffeine spotted him and took him under his tutelage along with Haohmaru in his home. Both students were close friends yet Genjuros hunger for power worried Nicotine. To test his students he tempted them to fight over the treasured sword Fugudoku. They were tested by facing off with a group of other fighters. Genjuro believing that worthless people dont deserve life killed his opponents during the competition. He leaves Nicotines place in disgust after this event. He swore to kill Haohmaru and Nicotine spiteful for their idealistic beliefs on swordplay. He hates Haohmaru especially because he resembles the man his mother was with when he killed them. He also was attracted to Shiki at one point as she resembled his mother. His profession during his travels is a hitokiri or killerforhire often accepting the more dirty jobs such as wiping out pirate brigades and bandit hideouts. His former clients include Sankuro Yorozu and Mizuki Rashojin. In Samurai Shodown 642 Genjuro gains the upper hand in his last duel with Haohmaru. Before he could deal the final blow a boy stabs him in vengeance for his unnamed father. Its heavily implied that Genjuro dies from his wound and as promised an older Haohmaru toasts to his friends honor. Similar to Ukyo his death is believed to be retconned in the newer sequel. Here Genjuro is attacked by two assassins one he kills quickly and the other somehow survived. Before he makes the killing blow the surviving assassin tells him that this was a test from a man named Golba and offers him to join his master. As he hesitates the assassin blows himself up which perks Genjuros interest and begins his journey to find Golba. He is still alive in his ending and is on another job as usual. He has a motto that he recites before he goes to slaughter people. Its roughly translated as: I build a nest of beast in my heart. The fang is growling Kill... Lets go kill. The fang is crying Kill... Lets go kill. To calm it down I have no way but slash men... translation taken from here Although it is mostly exclusive to the seriess drama CDs players can hear parts of it being sung by a woman during his theme song in Samurai Shodown 64. Personality Genjuro is a brutal warrior who only fights for the pleasure of killing. He likes to dominate over others and hates people who are weak. There are times when he occasionally feels regretful and shows mercy for his actions though he often counteracts these instances with more acts of cruelty. He is often called a demon by his victims usually moments before he slays them. Samurai Spirits 2 source: Kyosei SNK Wikia