Fukiko Ichinomiya

一の宮 蕗子, Miya-sama
A very beautiful girl unquestioned leader of the Sorority and President of the Student Council. Elegant and refined Fukiko influences and controls everyone around her determining their happiness or despair. She has a capricious character both able of extreme tenderness and chilling wickedness. She seems to have a liking for Nanako and well gradually understand why and shell help her become a member of the Sorority causing a real storm around the young character. Her attitude towards Nanako however will always be stressed by several ups and downs mainly because of Nanakos relationship with Takehiko and partly with Rei. The main target of her gratuitous wicked actions however is always Rei with whom she has a mysterious and complicated relationship... In her anime version we get to discover something more of Fukikos past and secrets and in general shes better described than the manga revealing a nobility especially in the end of the story and dignity somehow lacking in her manga version.