Kenjirou Hato

波戸 賢二郎, Mysterious Beauty
Hato is a first year male student and the last to join during Ogiues first membership drive. Although he is heterosexual Hato shares the fujoshi love of yaoi and boys love manga and doujinshi making him a fudanshi. Because of this Hato decided to adopt a female persona complete with a near perfect female voice and only attends Genshiken meetings as a girl though he attends classes as a guy. Even after the members of Genshiken learn his secret Hato continues to crossdress for the meetings leading Genshiken to draft former member Madarame into letting Hato change at his apartment. As a girl Hato looks and sounds the part so well guys on campus begin trying to learn more about this mysterious beauty who only shows up after classes are over for the day. Indeed Yajima had a hard time believing someone that looked so beautiful as a girl could really be a guy but she saw the evidence first hand when Yoshitake and Hato came to her apartment and the trio got drunk. Hato doesnt believe that people see him as very beautiful when he dresses as a girl. Like Sue Yoshitake and Yajima Hato is also one of Ogiues paid assistants for her professional manga. Being gifted at drawing Hato helps with the background imagery. Source: Wikipedia