伊佐奈, Director

Birthdate: February 2 Age: 27 Height: 176cm Blood Type: A Isana is the director of the Ushimitsudoki Aquarium. He's known of his so what calm behavior against his animals and peoples that visit his aquarium. He has the cursed body possession of a sperm whale. Hana is wondering how is still able to transform into a complete whale after returning huge pieces back from his original body. He's a very brute person, he's only kind to important ones. What he doesn't know is that every fish in the aquarium is afraid of him because of his whale powers. He can manipulate his executive members easily. He always wears a helmet to hide his other side for others, but opens it when he eats or someone is trying to pull him off the limit. He likes bad guys because he can destroy them easily with his cursed form.