Haruka Nanami

七海春歌, Haru-chan, Little Lamb
Wishing to compose a song for her idol Hayato to sing someday Haruka enrols into Saotome Academy. Prior to her enrolment Haruka has no experience in reading sheet music despite being able to play the piano. Source: Wikipedia She learned to play the piano from her grandmother whom she lived with out in the country due to her poor health. She at times feels unconfident in her musical abilities because she has had no formal training. However despite her disadvantages she overcomes them with a positive attitude hard work and perseverance. Ittoki Otoya Shibuya Tomochika and Shinomiya Natsuki are the first people to make friends with her in episode 1. She later on in episode 3 finds Hijirikawa Masato to be a reliable understanding friend.